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SKYFORCE is a Swiss based company which aims to introduce together with it's leading technology partners the latest type-certified gyroplane and ecological light aircraft solutions to professional users around the world.

Our aim is to excel in highly efficient, ecological and cost effective light aviation technology and provide the best aerial solutions for law enforcement, homeland security, emergency services, environmental monitoring and metropolitan traffic authorities. New urban mobility aviation concepts, based on fully or hybrid driven aircrafts, are also in our project focus like modern aviation solutions with optionally piloted vehicle systems (OPV). Our strengths based on our business network, our strategic partners, and the way we are able to integrate knowledge from different people and sources to always provide the best solution possible to our clients' challenges.


START NEW THINKING! - New challenges and situations may require new ways to go forward. Sometimes old but proven concepts and structures cannot be applied furthermore. The journey to move forward always begins in our mind - let's feel the pioneering spirit and START NEW THINKING!

Gerhard T. Meier, CEO